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Okay, here’s another one that went to Facebook first back in July 2012. It starts off about a corrupt local politician and ends up about living with the aliens.

Not bad for just under 5 minutes.

(Oh, this is a picture of Jimmy Dimora.)


Okay, I Lied

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Last time I gave the impression that talking head was my first attempt at making a video for the web.  Truth is, I posted a few on Facebook before figuring out how to use YouTube to post it here.  What you see above was actually the first attempt, post to Facebook.

After viewing it, you can understand why I might be distancing myself from it.


The Talking Head Appears

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Let’s try talking instead of writing.



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Okay, I’m not overlooking that I’m quite nearly 60 years old and that my view is somewhat prejudiced, but politics in this country have gotten truly weird over the last few years.

I realize that my politics are quite a bit left of center (I was truly irritated that people were calling Obama a socialist.  I consider myself a democratic socialist.  Obama is NOT a socialist.), but when did Social Darwinism make it’s comeback?  There are people out there that actually believe that the poor and powerless are so due to some personal flaw.  Poor people are poor because they’re lazy.  The sick are sick because they didn’t take care of themselves.

Where have these folks been living?

And since when has being rich equated to sainthood?  Yes, yes, this is a capitalist society, but really, greed is NOT good.

Before I was excommunicated from the Lutheran Church, there was a lot of time spent teaching me how to be a good Christian.  It was all about taking care of others, turning the other cheek, do unto others, all that.

The Christian Right, the Tea Party, neither talks too much about that.  It’s all about not taxing the rich and deregulating business and eliminating collective bargaining.

Okay, the Left is all about Gay Marriage, free birth control, and sending all our money to foreign countries like Israel.  Oh, and legalizing marijuana.

Isn’t this supposed to be a game of compromise?  Isn’t what’s best for the country supposed to be somewhere in the middle?

Or am I crazy?  Maybe a rich gay pothead that opposes abortion and labor contracts isn’t the answer.

Honestly, it's not her...

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