Wow, Part 16 – Baby, Fleas Don’t Go

Okay, earlier in this epic, I mentioned that after 20 years of divorce my ex-wife Rachel and I became friends again. As I said then, the bond was re-formed over our son Joshua’s first engagement.

After numerous e-mails and phone calls, I decided I really needed to go down to Tullahoma, TN to visit.

As luck would have it, Rachel’s second ex-husband was going out of town for a week and graciously offered to let me stay at his house while I was in town.

It’s about an 8 hour drive to Tullahoma from Cleveland. I was beat by the time I got there. Joshua met me there with the keys.

The first issue was getting his cat to leave me alone. Ultimately I had to lock myself in the bedroom to get away from it.

It was the next morning, after taking a shower and making coffee. I sat down on his couch to catch the local morning news on TV. It was then I first noticed these little things jumping. On the carpet. On the couch. On the chairs. Tables. Walls.

Fleas. Dozens. Hundreds. Thousands. Oh, my freaking god.

I was flipping out. He had one cat. One cat and seven hundred thousand fleas. How was this even possible? Wouldn’t they have eaten the cat? Mary and I had five cats and no fleas.

I lasted a day before more or less begging Rachel to let me stay in her guest room. All it took was for her to stop by for less than five minutes before she quickly agreed. She started to complain about how David was keeping what had been their house but thought better of it.

Rachel’s house was a much nicer house. And she keep it beautifully. (That’s what OCB can do for you.)

The trip turned out very well. We drank some decent wine, laughed and talked. We managed to settle a lot of old unresolved issued.

I believe Rachel Flea Bombed David’s house before he got back in town.

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