General Musings

Here in Cleveland we just set two new high temperature records.  Yes, new highs for September 23 and 24.

So, obviously, my mind slipped back to winter. It wasn’t any particular memory of winter. It had to have been the winter of 1969 or 1970. Sometime around then. I can’t remember why, but my friend Michael and I were out walking around. We were out in the middle of nowhere. Maybe between Hinckley and Medina.

The landscape was all black and white. Tons of snow and bare trees. The road was all white and fairly smooth. I had this long dark heavy wool coat and a green ‘n’ white striped scarf. Michael had a long red and gold striped scarf and one of the band jacket that had been liberated from the former Westfield High School.  It was cold. Probably in the teens. He and I were out there for hours, or at least I remember it as hours.

I have no idea why we were there. I’m sure it had to have had something to do with Jeanne. We were probably heading towards her house. I can’t imagine where we were coming from. (Of course, I could have this backwards. We might have been leaving Jeanne’s. But I don’t know why we would have headed off in that direction.)

Was there some point to writing this? No, I don’t think so. Just felt I should write something.

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