About “When the Wind Blows From That Direction”

For the longest time, and I’m talking 40 years or so, I’ve always had this dream of publishing my autobiography. On the surface, that seems incredibly egocentric. After all, autobiographies are about important people, famous people. I’m not one of those, either now or when I was a teenager. Yet I felt it wasn’t really fair that only those people got to have that forum. Why shouldn’t I?

I like writing short pieces, little episodes. Each piece is part of a greater whole, but stands on its own. The thing is I don’t really like writing in a particular order. At one point I thought the answer would be to publish my “book” as a loose leaf binder with instructions to the reader to take out the pages, shuffle them and put it back in the binder.

Lo and behold, along comes the Internet, the Web, and, eventually blogs. So now I can write my pieces in whatever order they come to me and the reader can use the “Random Post” button to read them in whatever order it comes to them. BONUS.

And so, here is my great experiment.

Oh, yeah, back in the late 90’s I created a webpage, my attempt at an online novel. If you look off to the right there, (no, a little further down, yeah, that’s it) you can see a link to that attempt. I think most of it still works.

Let’s see how it goes.