Free Writing – 2

My first attempt to get back to writing was less satisfying than I had hoped for. I mean, it was okay, given all it was was trying to get back into the mechanics of it all. I think that starting in a word processor is probably a good idea, for things like spell check. Spelling has never been a strong point. Neither has typing itself, though it’s immediately become evident that I’m better on a standard keyboard than on a “onscreen” keyboard like my iPhone or iPad.

Part of the issue holding me back has been thinking I need to have something at least entertaining to publish. A friend has repeatedly pointed out that I really can’t know what the general public will find entertaining. Besides, this format allows for comments. If people think it sucks, they won’t be bashful about it.

What to write about really should be just whatever it is I feel like writing about, not what I think you, dear reader, will find interesting.

For instance, the picture inserted really makes very little sense. Essentially, it’s a tomato contemplating Plato. What does that mean? What does it mean? Is that question even relevant?

Okay, I think I’ll end here for now.

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