Part Eleven

Well, you know, writing about the job is pretty boring. Working at the Help Desk was, uh, interesting. Unfortunately, the stories I have aren’t nearly as funny if you don’t know the people involved. The same can be said for working in the Training Department in the late 80’s and early 90’s. I spent seven years doing “desktop support” after that. Sure, there are funny stories about the stupid mistakes people made. Yes, I did actually get a call that someone’s e-mail didn’t work when the building had no power. That stuff makes techies roll with uncontrollable laughter. The last ten years or so have been spent as a “project manager”. People ask me what that means. I tell them it means I don’t need to know HOW to do much anymore. I just need to know WHO does know how to do. And then I need to convince them they need to do it.

The one thing about my work life is that I have haven’t worked for “Corporate America” since 1972. It’s been the government or the “not-for-profit” Cleveland Clinic all this time. I’m proud of that actually. It appeals to that old radical leftist in me.

So… since I’m not going to write about work, what should I write about?

Now that I’ve gotten the linear story-line set, I think from here out I’ll just write whatever story pops to mind, regardless of when it happened. I could write about the Demo Derby, some of the weddings I’ve performed, my on-line novel, or maybe by bus trip to north Miami.

I guess you’ll just have to see what happens.

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