Part Five (5)

Delaware State University was only Delaware State College back then.

It was the fall of 1977. I was 24. I was separated and had a 2 year old son. I was NOT the typical sophomore at Del State.

I really wanted to major in philosophy but that wasn’t an option. So, the obvious choice was to study Art Education instead. I’d never considered myself an artist, but didn’t think that would be an issue. After all, I’d be studying to be a teacher, not an artist.

Unsurprisingly, I was a minority in my classes at Del State. I was older, male, and, uh, paler than my fellow students. BUT none of that ever really mattered. I do remember one particular incident. I had been talking to one especially attractive young woman. Almost immediately afterward, one of my fellow students came up to me and said “Dean, I need to warn you about talking to the women here.” My mind quickly started thinking the worst. I was going to be in trouble. “Dean, you really need to stay away from black girls.” Uh-oh, I could feel it coming. “Really, Dean. They’ll chew you up and spit you out. Stick to those white girls instead.”

My fellow students were all excellent artists. I’d be surprised if they aren’t all recognized by now. I saw some wonderful paintings, fantastic sculptures, tremendous pieces of ceramics. Some may actually be teaching art.

During my two years at Del State, I lived in four different houses. i lived in the trailer with Marty; the Henry family; Karlton and Eric; Debbie and her son Jon; Karlton, Eric, Debbie, Jon, Joanne (and more).

Let’s see. I dated Karen, Sharon, Debbie, Joanne, and another young girl whose name completely escapes me now. (I’m sorry, but I’m sure you’ve probably forgotten me as well.) Unlike my friend Karlton would have done, I didn’t date them all at the same time.

My experiences with Sharon were the most memorable. the three months we were together would make a pretty good movie. Well, maybe a made-for-TV movie. I’m pretty sure “Lifetime TV” would show it.

I was living on what the Veterans Administration would pay, so I went to school year ’round.

It took me awhile to figure out Rachel and I weren’t going to get back together. I finally filed for divorce on our fifth anniversary. We were officially divorced on February 15th, the day before her 25th birthday.

That May, I moved back to Ohio. I actually had only planned to visit, but decided I needed to stay.

By the way, if anyone from Delaware State actually remembers me, leave me a note.

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