What If I Won the Super-Mega-Monster Lottery?

There’s a group of about 6 of us at work that buy lottery tickets, but only when the prize is over $100 million. Most of us think it’s kind of silly that we only do it then, like $10 million or $5 million just isn’t worth it. BUT still, it’s what we do.

So, what would I do if I won this unthinkably huge amount of money?

There are some obvious things.

I’d pay off all my debts. That’s real obvious. Honestly though, that’s a piddling amount compared to what would come in. I’d pay off the debts of my family and close friends. Still, hardly a dent in the big number.

I’d set up some kind of trust or annuity or some thing that would create an ongoing “income’ for that same group of people. For the rest of their lives. That seems a lot more ambitious and costly, except that it’s not that big of a group and they’d all be happy with what would general be considered a “middle class” income. Yes, I’d try to set that up to cover the next generation as well, so my granddaughter Emily wouldn’t need to worry about paying her cable and internet bill, but if well constructed and managed, it wouldn’t take THAT much.

I would finally have everything in my house fixed exactly like I’ve always wanted but couldn’t afford. That sounds expensive, right? Nah, not really. I live on a little street on the west side of Cleveland in a house that’s not that big. I’m not saying I would “stay” in this house, but I’d really like to say “Yes, THAT’S how this place is supposed be.”

I’m not the mansion type, but I would like to buy a fair sized piece of land and have a house built, my dream house. I think like old Victorian houses.I’d have a new one built, one with all the latest, greatest improvements in heating and power, as “green” as green can be. I’d want it to be as “off the grid” as possible. BUT… I’d want to keep it as Victorian looking as possible. (Oddly enough, I just recently discovered there’s a term for what I’d want, Steam Punk, but we can explore that another time.) Yes, that would an expensive├é endeavor.

I’m not into cars, so I wouldn’t be doing much there.

I’m almost ashamed that I’ve written this much without mentioning charities. What I would do is pick my favorites and set up the same sort of ongoing thing as I would for the family. I’m a little leery of the “brand name” charities, so that would take some research.

All in all, I’d be fairly low key. I’d be that strange old guy that lives in the big house outside of town. I’d travel quite a bit, so the neighbors wouldn’t see that much of me. I would host the occasion “event” (I have a number of friends that would be more than happy to help me with those).

One thing that comes to mind, especially this time of year, that given the right circumstance, I might just have to run for political office. Something local. Something where the other choices were so unacceptable to me that I’d have to run. I’d lose, of course. But I could make it really fun. I’d start by revealing all my skeletons, bad habits and unsavory relationships. There’d be no mud for my opponents to sling. That would be fun.

Okay, so that’s that. Hmmm, what else should I write about?

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