Free Writing – 2

My first attempt to get back to writing was less satisfying than I had hoped for. I mean, it was okay, given all it was was trying to get back into the mechanics of it all. I think that starting in a word processor is probably a good idea, for things like spell check. Spelling … Read more

Free Writing – 1

I’ve ignored this site and writing in general for far too long. I’ve had all sorts of excuses, from time to equipment and beyond. Generally speaking ,it’s called writer’s block. Free writing is a method to break through it. It’s not going to be all that interesting to you as a reader, but I’m afraid … Read more


Okay, here’s another one that went to Facebook first back in July 2012. It starts off about a corrupt local politician and ends up about living with the aliens. Not bad for just under 5 minutes. (Oh, this is a picture of Jimmy Dimora.)

Okay, I Lied

  Last time I gave the impression that talking head was my first attempt at making a video for the web. Truth is, I posted a few on Facebook before figuring out how to use YouTube to post it here. What you see above was actually the first attempt, post to Facebook. After viewing it, … Read more